A Love for the Earth

Ever since I could walk I have ran around picking up stones and rocks. I was drawn to their beauty and their direct embodiment of the earth’s magical forces. Each stone had a story and a connection to a moment.

Naturally, twenty years ago I immersed myself in research to learn the healing powers and properties of these gemstones and minerals. As I continued to evolve and grow, I attuned to the energy, wisdom and power gemstones and minerals embodied. As a Healer, I am offering this knowledge to you in physical manifestation of a Crystalline Mala. As an artist I elevate the Shakti (Energy) of the stones through design, and color theory.

In 2014 I found my tribe, my community after many years of searching. A surge of creativity and serendipity brought me to create my first mala. I gifted my first creations to my tribe. Elation! The Crystalline Malas were received with so much love and gratitude that it made my heart glow and affirmed I was walking my path. My tribe encouraged me to continue and share these gifts with the world.

My Mother transitioned from her body to the spirit world in August 2015. I took care of her the last six months of her life. This is where the blending, of healing and art began. I created several different Crystalline Mala Creations to alleviate her pain, symptoms and to help her spirit cross over. The Healing energy of these Crystalline Malas is at least two fold; I found that creating and knotting malas was extremely meditative and healing for me.

That brings us to now. I'm a wanderer - a gypsy - a nurturer - a believer - by purchasing a mala you are adding priceless gifts from the earth to aid you on your journey - and helping a young woman create from her heart. We are Children of the Earth, and the Earth loves us and wants us to be vibrant and healthy; open up your life to her.

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